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What Is This?

This is an ever growing collection of resources that I found to be useful while researching and learning about WinDbg. I have created this blog post as a place to keep track of resources.

Workspace Settings

Customizing your WinDbg Workspace and Color Scheme

zach burlingam windbg workspace key backup

YouTube Videos


WinDbg Basics for Malware Analysis


Part 01: THE Debugger

Part 02: Different Modes Of Operations of Windbg

Part 03: Introduction To debug Symbols

Part 04: Troubleshooting Symbols mismatch

Part 05: Introduction to debugger Commands

Part 06: Kernel Debugging With VmPlayer

Part 07: Physical Machine Kernel Debugging With Network Cable

Part 08: Commands k for callstack or stackback trace

Part 09: Commands r for register d for dump memory

Part 10: Commands dv and .frame

Part 11: Command dt - dump type

Part 12: Command e - edit memory

Part 13: Unassemble code

Part 14: Command s or search memory

Part 15: Command bp for giving breakpoints

Part 16: Command bm for break point

Part 17: Command bu or breakpoint unresolved

Part 18: Command ba or break on access

Part 19: Conditional breakpoints

Part 21: Exceptions And Events

Part 22: Miscellaneous Commands

Part 23: Time travellers tracing ( IDNA )

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